AgStandard Adds Gatsby

As a bootstrapped founder, I feel like I live off almonds. This is not a hyperbole, I genuinely eat a handful in the morning, throw them on yogurts, keep them in my car etc. They're a balanced snack, and while we've had the dessert variety on our platform for a while (looking at you Skinny Dipped), I'm proud to welcome AgStandard to the Gatsby club.

I first saw that memorable Ag logo while grabbing coffee at the Philz in Santa Monica. They're distributed all throughout the area, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that their site suddenly started offering 15% off with Gatsby. Founder, Peter Egan, learned about Gatsby one afternoon and had it live on his site by evening.

Even better still, I ran into Peter the other day while he was sampling his top flavors at a mall. I definitely took my fair share of the California Chile, Ranch Spice, and Black Truffle flavors.

One of the best parts of building Gatsby is to be right there with other emerging brands, helping to make the whole ecosystem grow. If you like flavored almonds, try AgStandard because a) they're offering a free sample off their site, and b) it's 15% off full packages with Gatsby. That's nuts right? (yep, I went there).


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