BirkSun Adds Gatsby

This is not your average backpack. You can see from all the user submitted images above, the BirkSun backpack lives up to the tagline: “charge your passion.” As the leader in solar backpacks, (backpacks that use the sun’s power to charge your devices), they have an incredible eye for design and quality.

BirkSun was founded on the mission of helping everyone get outside, while staying safe and connected with a perpetually charged phone. As someone who constantly navigates the urban jungle Monday through Friday, and tries to see trees on the weekend, this mission resonated strongly with me and the team. (I’m pretty sure David just bought two while I write this post).

So as of today, every BirkSun shopper can earn 10% off by using Gatsby at checkout. BirkSun went live with a custom implementation that put a branded link directly on their cart page. See that orange link offering 10% off below? That’s Gatsby.

“We’re excited to team up with Gatsby. Social and word-of-mouth are big parts of our strategy, so automating that at checkout, while capturing additional metrics on our shoppers, is a clear win for us,” said co-founder, Richard Highsmith.

We’re thrilled to go live on, this is an incredible brand and I’m excited to see where we go together.