Dream Water Adds Gatsby

We’re thrilled to welcome Dream Water to the Gatsby club. You’ve probably seen their blue and white bottles before, as they’re available in over 30,000 locations, including every major US airport. The product is a specific blend of three key ingredients designed to help you fall asleep.

“Sleep is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle that can sometimes be forgotten about. We focus on helping our customers get the sleep and relaxation they deserve. We’re excited to work with Gatsby to help our customers spread their love for sleep,” said Ron Barhai, Marketing & Sales Manager.

We know we’re not the only ones in need of better sleep, and we couldn’t be happier to contribute to their mission. Dream Water launched their first Gatsby campaign by offering 15% off, and with this summer heat + daylight stretching late into the evening, you may want to give it a shot. Sweet dreams.


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