Just Chill Adds Gatsby

Posted by Brett Bernstein on

With all the recent product releases and new brands coming on board, it’s been near impossible to relax at night. There’s just so much going on between the early mornings, late nights, coffees all day, traffic, calls, texts, emails, Facebooks, tweets, Instagrams, snaps, notifications, deadlines, bugs, alerts.. ok ok you get it! As awesome as all the excitement is, sometimes I just need to chill. I know many of you can relate, which is why I’m thrilled to announce that one of LA’s coolest brands, Just Chill, has joined the Gatsby club.

Founded by four guys out of UCSB, they started Just Chill with the mission to create a revolution around the power of calm. Their product is a delicious, natural beverage designed to keep you calm and focused. I’m sipping on their sugar-free ginger flavor right now, but they also come in Tropical, Berry, and Citrus.

I was first introduced to the beverage while working at Box up in Silicon Valley. We would have cases of them brought in daily, and they would rarely last until evening. However, it wasn’t until I first met Mitchell, their co-founder & VP of Ecommerce, that I saw just how much of a brand these guys had built. They’re not you’re average beverage company, they have vision, style, and a devout customer following. Here, this is a sample of their Instagram for effect:

They went live with our out-of-the-box version, which starts at just $10/mo and comes with a free trial. If you have an ecommerce business, our Starter Tier is just that...a great way to get started.

So with that, if you're looking for a new way to chill in the evenings, or a caffeine-free beverage to focus with, take a look at what our friends over at Just Chill cooked up. Plus, you'll get 20% off by using Gatsby.