MyMagicMud Adds Gatsby

Posted by Brett Bernstein on

Are you enjoying your daily cup of coffee? Can you feel your teeth staining as you read this? I can, but that’s okay, because I’m about to order a ton of whitening powder. My Magic Mud is a 100% natural whitening tooth powder made from activated charcoal and bentonite clay. They’ve got to be the coolest brand in the teeth whitening and toothpaste industry. One look at their branding says it all. But not only are they cool (and have a product name that invokes the imagination of story book worlds), their product works. I had a few samples earlier this year and immediately knew I wanted to be working with them.

They just expanded their line to include toothpaste and have already shipped tens of thousands of tubes worldwide. It’s an exciting time for the company, and we’re thrilled to be right there alongside the growth.

Best part of their launch? Ian, from their Sales & Logistics team, set Gatsby up in minutes without a developer!

“Gatsby couldn’t have been easier to design and launch, and now we’re done. It’s on there, doing it’s thing, helping our customers share, and we’re hands off.. too easy.” said Ian.

If you have teeth and like to keep them clean, check out My Magic Mud! Use Gatsby there on the bottom left for a cool 10% off.


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