Raffles Are Here!

When we broke ground on Gatsby eleven short months ago, we made the decision to go-to-market as fast as possible. We wanted to gather real-world feedback so we could build something brands would find extremely useful. We've released some features prematurely, fixed a number of bugs, and we've had the most exceptional early customers any startup could ask for. As a result, we're now light-years ahead of where we would be if we designed Gatsby in a vacuum. We understand and have built for use-cases like: "what if I only want a promotion to appear on certain product pages?" or "what if I don't use promo codes at all?"

So, without further adieu, I'm proud to unveil the culmination of nearly a year of iteration, customer feedback, and intuition. As of today, any ecommerce brand can run a promotion that not only drives conversions, but also gathers critical customer data earlier in the conversion funnel and motivates shoppers to engage on social media.

In addition to a new design and increased scalability, Gatsby now features more custom branding options, whitelisted subdomains, a beefed up analytics dashboard, and most importantly... support for raffles!

If you haven't signed up yet, we're offering a special promotion for the next week only. Use Gatsby on any of the following customer sites before Feb 6th, and you'll get 50% off your first month with us

Here are those sites:

Simply forward us the auto-email you receive after using Gatsby, and we'll apply the discount to your account.

To get started, go here: https://gatsby.tools/signup

Have fun!