Self Service Is Here

In everything we do, we keep your brand as a top priority. This is why the Gatsby Brand Portal gives you the opportunity to design and preview precisely how your Gatsby button will on your site in real time. This helps ensure your brand remains on point.

We also understand not everyone is a graphic designer, or has those capabilities in-house. The portal's simplistic yet powerful layout puts design options at your fingertips. With just a few mouse clicks, you can change the size, shape, color, location, and transparency of your Gatsby button. Have a specific Hex color on your site? No problem. Our embedded eyedropper tool will match any hue in the rainbow.

In addition to designing a beautiful button, you need the ability to link it to a specific promotion. The gear icon on the left sidebar is where you set the parameters of your campaign, including the button text, discount amount, and promo code.

Moving down the left pane, the pencil icon takes you to a page where you can set the default Tweet text that each customer shares. What about Facebook? There's nothing you need to set there, as the information is pulled in based on your site's metadata.

In the top right you'll see a drop down menu starting with Analytics. If you are on the Pro or Enterprise plan, you can export customer data including location, age, gender, and social influence statistics.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of the 14-day free trial, and play around with the portal today. This release marks a huge milestone for our young company. We're less than 9 months old, and couldn't be prouder of the progress so far. Of course, this is just a stepping stone. We have a long and very exciting roadmap. Much of what you see has been shaped by our initial beta class of brands -- just imagine what we'll accomplish in the next 9 months.

Log into your brand portal and let us know your thoughts!



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