Upton Belts Adds Gatsby

As I write this, I look down at my cheap department store belt and realize that I’m building a wardrobe out of Gatsby brands. I get the backpack from BirkSun, the cozy-wear from OneZip, the shoes from Filament, and now the belt from Upton. Upton designs and manufactures designer-quality belts at a reasonable price. For example, every belt is handmade in Texas using Italian leather, every buckle is hand sewn with their signature four-loop reinforced stitch, and every purchase is custom fit to your exact specifications. AND if that isn’t enough, check out their video. The branding is incredible. This just isn’t your average belt.

So it’s with great pride that I announce they aren’t using an average promotion strategy either, they’re now using Gatsby at checkout. And just as their belts are custom fit, we designed a custom button that “fits” directly next to their cart icon:

This elegant CTA (call-to-action) aligns with the Upton Brand, and is similar to what we rolled out with Juice Served Here or Ashlyn’d. Plus, their logo appears in the popup, keeping Upton top of minding during every second of their customer’s experience.

So whether you need a new belt for yourself, or a holiday gift for dad, I present to you: uptonbelts.com. We’re very proud to be working with them!


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