Vintage Arts Asylum Lifts Sales 20% With Gatsby

As the showrunner at Vintage Art Asylum in London, Josh Gomez was no stranger to the challenge of growing sales through organic social media outreach. VAA targets those interested and active in vintage dance, a niche audience where word-of-mouth and social proof are key. Using social media to talk to current customers and followers was working, but it wasn’t living up to the opportunity for scaling brand awareness Gomez saw.

“The obvious ways to accomplish this is through flyers and paying for somewhat targeted social media marketing, which we find isn’t very effective in reaching the already established base,” he said. “We want to focus our attention to the friends of our current customer base and even their friends again. If we can give something back to our customers for advocating for us, then our customers feels they are part of our growth.”

That’s when he reached out to Gatsby. Using our out-of-the-box promotion portal, he created and launched an offer in minutes without a designer or engineer. The brand interaction with Gatsby is a new offering for the dance community according to Gomez, and it’s working to the tune of 15-20 percent increase in sales.

“As we continue to use Gatsby, we find more and more customers are starting to use the system for its incentive. We’re starting to see new clients that would normally be outside our organic reach,” he said. “As a new customer activates the promotion, they not only share the event through their social media increasing visibility, often they remind their friends to use the Gatsby incentive for the easy discount…and the process starts again.”

Vintage Art Asylum is already looking ahead to continued growth with Gatsby, and as a beta customer, they’re working with Gatsby’s product and engineering team to develop new features that connect the power of word-of-mouth to online sales.


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